Who we are

We are a specialised consulting firm servicing wealth possessors, wealth practitioners as well as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Wealth possessors

‘High Net Worth Consulting Services’ are intended to cater for the rigorous needs of high net worth individuals.

Wealth practitioners and SMEs
‘High Net Worth Consulting Services’ are also and more generally to be understood as delivering high value-added management consulting solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that wealth possessors prosper in the daily management of their financial and corporate affairs.

In order to do so, we promise to deliver consistently on identified needs where we either are or can safely rely on leading subject matter experts.

Our vision

Wealth possessors and wealth practitioners rarely speak the same language. Their priorities are predominantly misaligned.

Private Wealth Square resolutely bridges that gap by designing and reviewing processes and tangibly enhancing overall service levels. Thus, creating durable and reliable partnerships thanks to a team of accomplished executives who have spent their careers leading banking & financial organisations as well as client relationships.

Our values

We cherish the word ‘quality’, we love the word ‘service’ and we live by the word ‘client’.

Our Services

Family & corporate governance

Sourcing & review of banking and lending arrangements

Review of managers selection

Private equity & real estate sourcing and co-investment

Legal support & organisational review

Fees & performance review

Strategic & management consulting

Risk & compliance consulting

Brand management, marketing & communications

Office management & logistics support

IT project management, consulting & support

Tailored services & networking

Our Team of Partners

Our Supervisory Board

Our Home on the Square

6, place Winston Churchill
L-1340 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 26 10 47 30